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The Other Side is the official podcast of a great comedy club, the DC Improv.

Sep 28, 2021

Mike Finoia is a DC Improv favorite, combining great crowd work sharp material. Getting ready to headline our lounge October 1-3, he calls in to talk about his cool crossover project with the music world, working for "Impractical Jokers," how great his wife is and lots more.

Listen, then get your tickets for this weekend!

Sep 28, 2021

Pete Lee has been in the comedy game for two decades, spreading his brand of Midwestern "nice" across the country. Ahead of his DC Improv debut November 12-14, we're talking about what it means to be a nice person in the modern world, his approach to stand-up and lots more.

Have a listen, then come check this guy out in...

Sep 8, 2021

Josh Potter started his comedy career in Buffalo, then jumped to national status with an assist from Tom Segura -- he opened for the "Your Mom's House" star on one of his tours and went on to serve as a producer on that popular podcast. Now he has his own podcast, "The Josh Potter Show," and a DC Improv debut on the...