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The Other Side is the official podcast of a great comedy club, the DC Improv.

Jul 24, 2017

The WWE Hall of Famer calls up to chat, a few weeks before the August 10 "Ringside" show at the DC Improv. We talk about great wrestling towns, President Trump's cup of coffee with the WWE, a legend of women's wrestling, DC's own Dave Batista and more. 

Have a listen, then get your tickets to see JR at the Improv in a...

Jul 6, 2017

Before headlining the club July 6-9, the "Last Comic Standing" champ tells us about his summer vacations, his quest to become the world's greatest breakdancer, and the fun of digital detox.

May 9, 2017

Every few months the Improv hosts "Beltway Pundits," the DMV's No. 1 pun competition. We rolled tape on the May 2 edition, and a few of the contestants gave us the thumbs up to put their speeches online.

Check out these pun soliloquies from Dana Fleitman, Alex Snider, Gail Ballantyne, Rachel Gross, Libby Bowers and...

Apr 21, 2017

The reigning "Last Comic Standing" champ is back at the Improv to headline April 21-23. We talk about repping his hometown of Atlanta, the intersection of pot and comedy, and naturally which exotic pet he would want.

Apr 10, 2017

As part of our 25th anniversary celebration, we asked great headliners to recommend rising stars that DC needs to see. Bob Marley picked Mike Speirs, so we're getting to know him before he headlines the lounge April 15.