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The Other Side is the official podcast of a great comedy club, the DC Improv.

Feb 29, 2016

The search for the funniest president continues!

Sure, Ulysses Grant saved American democracy for all future generations. But was he FUNNY? To get the answer, we’re talking to Grant himself -- with the assistance of Kenneth J. Serfass.

Ken is an educator and a retired U.S. Marine. His involvement in Civil War...

Feb 22, 2016

The search for the funniest president continues!

There’s no question that Calvin Coolidge was funny – stories of his wit have survived the test of time. But what makes him fascinating is the way he used his natural humor strategically. “Silent Cal” was a true innovator in packaging and selling his personality to...

Feb 18, 2016

Brandon T. Jackson has been a movie star ("Tropic Thunder"), a TV star ("Mr. Robinson") and a stand-up star (he headlines the Improv 2/26 - 2/28). Now he's about to be a reality star. He calls in from the set of "Living With Funny," his new series documenting the lives of comedians and their families.

We talk about the...

Feb 15, 2016

The search for the funniest president continues! Take a little bit of Seinfeld, then mix in some Don Rickles, some David Sedaris and an encyclopedic knowledge of political philosophy. That might the recipe for John Adams – our second president, and possibly the funniest of the Founding Fathers.

Amanda Norton of the...

Feb 8, 2016

The search for the funniest president continues! Richard Nixon wasn't a cut-up, but few people inspired more laughs. Does he deserve a shot at the title?

This week's guest is Patric Verrone, a writer/producer for "Futurama," the TV show that made Nixon's head the president of Earth. We're talking about Nixon's second...