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The Other Side is the official podcast of a great comedy club, the DC Improv.

Mar 14, 2016

The search for the funniest president continues! William Henry Harrison is the closest thing we have to a punchline president. After a lifetime of public service, he became the commander-in-chief, then died one month later.

But does that make Harrison the funniest president? Our guest this week is Megan Amram, a fantastic comedy writer and Twitter savant who worked on "Parks and Recreation." She was the lead writer on the 2015 episode titled "William Henry Harrison," so she's actually given some serious thought to the comedic value of the ninth president.

We talk about Harrison, the joy of weird museums, and the ethic of "Parks and Rec" -- one of the most respected (and fairly bipartisan) sources of political humor from the last decade.

Music: Hail Columbia, "Indiana" by Art Tatum, "Indiana" by Earl Fatha Hines

Next week: William McKinley, with the assistance of the McKinley museum in Canton